I know I’m weak because I’ve stuck in friendships that did not build me and I always had an excuse that it would get better with time that the problem is me
Truth is that’s just about it the real problem was me
Because I didn’t want to say no because I somehow felt that this girl needed to be in my life because I believed no one understood me better than she did and given the fact that I’ve experienced so much in life I expected more from myself
And when I couldn’t deliver that I became unhappy.
Am learning


, this is life this is growth this is the real world If I genuinely love you I don’t know how to forgive you and if I do forgive you then rest assured I have let go
Like I said this is life the only exception I have is towards my best friend probably because her mother spark something in me and am glad that she did because I’m learning dissapointments exist , it is how much you are willing to take in ,how far you want to go.
An year a go I had just joined campus and I had my whole life planned out because   I’m that kind of person …raw truth is nothing went as planned but then again am so glad for everything that

happened because without a doubt there are things in life only experience can help you learn to adopt too.
For these many reasons and many more not stated i thank you Sharon ,
For sticking with me regardless.


How you doing alone?

I promised myself not to be the kind of person the spreads negative energy but then again there are days where I want to talk smack all day simply because it sort of (ish)helps me to calm down.
I realised all these anger and dislike is simply because I can’t generate attention from certain people and I have allowed myself to get so attached to them in that they can control my emotions and my bad day can kick off simply because of silence.

I have vowed not to allow my life to be controlled by any body else other than myself.I will not let anyone determine my joy I’ll stay happy, final ! even if I’m upset it should simply be because I chose to and not that I was transitioned into that state by some body else that is not me. Heck if you still want to know  if I am mad

…here is an answer…
How you doing alone

Space to live

I believe and I now understand that forgiveness is a virtue not everyone finds it easy to undergo.understanding how to let shit go is a blessing,very rare people can and am glad I learnt this the hard way(personal experience).

I don’t know what really hurts more,boundaries been crossed or trust broken?,
Either way these two are something we can never take back.even with that mind it’s harder when you love someone and you can’t See yourself not been with them…

So here’s what will happen,
We will give each other an ample amount of space,maybe then we can really figure out what we can’t live without or how amazing we are without our significant other… Then we will confide in our closest friend(s)however one friend only will be advisable,after which we will keep off each others bullshit and stick to self,

During that period we will respect boundaries and do only that we need to,we won’t go out of our way to say hurtful things or even act up…

This is the only way we can really figure out this relationship as for now,prayer might be the best place to start. I love you regardless.

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DEAR MAN In my life


I am a feminist.
I feel like this is the only way to start this.
We’ve been given a good platform in regards to airing out how we feel because we are fragile and very much outspoken therefore society has allowed us to say exactly as we want and desire and honestly males don’t have much of a choice except for the few that keep complaining about us and our makeup habits…bedsides that we are better off


I, however am out to say thank you to all the men that are in relationships and have managed to maintain them
Men that take care of their families regardless of whether they live with them or not
Men that have their careers on track and have made it their aim to chase after their future instead of these fast life broke people want to live nowaday
Men that still take time hit the church even once in a while
Men that are not scared to stand up for what they believe in
Men that are themselves
So yes I believe good men exist because I’ve dated them, I’ve lived with them and I grew up with them
Just like women, they (men)also deserve to hear once in a while how amazing they are and how much we appreciate them

We heart you.


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God’s own

And I feel like am kissing lots of asses and am at a point of breaking literally the verge of it and I have no control I’m completely
Lethal and fragile at the same time I can break and not crack all at once and don’t get me wrong I don’t know if this is what everyone experiences or just what happens on the inner circle of life and I won’t deny I could use some critics and hope respectively I want to feel like a
Like a being I want to experience breakthroughs and I want to be able to escape I want to want what people like me want and I want to meet people like me Oh Lord I’m not asking to be on someone’s mind
To be the last thing they think about
To make them feel like heaven on earth
I’m not asking to be his prayer
I’m not asking for a gap that nowadays makes every person that cares about society feel wanted
I’m asking for that raw hardcore love that people experience being in your presence
I’m asking for minds alike to collide
I’m asking for simplicity for clarity for accomplishment
I’m asking for YOU to lead me
Not just besides still water… I’m asking for your hand through it all.
I want the love Abraham, Jacob, Isaac and David knew about
I want to leave the same kind of impact they did
The kind that is written in Bibles
I’m asking for you.


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The Art of Rest

Kingdom Adventures

Life rarely reveals itself in complete circles

But when it does, just glory!

I could finally hear myself breathe…

To the point of involuntarily mastering the rhythm of my pulsations

I stood in my mother’s garden watching as the whiteness of clouds blended into the darkness of night

Birds formed patterns in the vault of heaven

It was a gift this moment, a future memory

My eyes still transfixed, I stared as the brightest star adorned the glorious skies.

What was this rare quietness within me? Something like a divine peace

And then it happened!

I sensed God’s rest wash over me; I felt the celestial bliss of being in His presence and the absence of my busyness… I felt it all in a complete circle, and just glory!

In that moment I was certain the Creator was right there with me

He held me, without words He…

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Nothing like my father



People that constantly remind you of your pasts and forever live in it are the kind of people you should keep off because that amount of negative energy will sooner than later hold you back from a whole lot of things in life because someone has persistently made it their aim in life to hold you back
Enough beating around the bush
I am exhausted and worn out and I have reached the breaking point of whatever this is

Everyone has their breaking point too bad mine is already  here
We’ve both disappointed so many people that love us
And we’ve tried to get them to forgive us
But I feel like you always want me to be on the other end of this world
Am sorry am nothing like my brothers
I don’t always understand what’s happening around me
And I am never quite sure of what I…

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