Space to live

I believe and I now understand that forgiveness is a virtue not everyone finds it easy to undergo.understanding how to let shit go is a blessing,very rare people can and am glad I learnt this the hard way(personal experience).

I don’t know what really hurts more,boundaries been crossed or trust broken?,
Either way these two are something we can never take back.even with that mind it’s harder when you love someone and you can’t See yourself not been with them…

So here’s what will happen,
We will give each other an ample amount of space,maybe then we can really figure out what we can’t live without or how amazing we are without our significant other… Then we will confide in our closest friend(s)however one friend only will be advisable,after which we will keep off each others bullshit and stick to self,

During that period we will respect boundaries and do only that we need to,we won’t go out of our way to say hurtful things or even act up…

This is the only way we can really figure out this relationship as for now,prayer might be the best place to start. I love you regardless.

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