DEAR MAN In my life


I am a feminist.
I feel like this is the only way to start this.
We’ve been given a good platform in regards to airing out how we feel because we are fragile and very much outspoken therefore society has allowed us to say exactly as we want and desire and honestly males don’t have much of a choice except for the few that keep complaining about us and our makeup habits…bedsides that we are better off


I, however am out to say thank you to all the men that are in relationships and have managed to maintain them
Men that take care of their families regardless of whether they live with them or not
Men that have their careers on track and have made it their aim to chase after their future instead of these fast life broke people want to live nowaday
Men that still take time hit the church even once in a while
Men that are not scared to stand up for what they believe in
Men that are themselves
So yes I believe good men exist because I’ve dated them, I’ve lived with them and I grew up with them
Just like women, they (men)also deserve to hear once in a while how amazing they are and how much we appreciate them

We heart you.


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