God’s own

And I feel like am kissing lots of asses and am at a point of breaking literally the verge of it and I have no control I’m completely
Lethal and fragile at the same time I can break and not crack all at once and don’t get me wrong I don’t know if this is what everyone experiences or just what happens on the inner circle of life and I won’t deny I could use some critics and hope respectively I want to feel like a
Like a being I want to experience breakthroughs and I want to be able to escape I want to want what people like me want and I want to meet people like me Oh Lord I’m not asking to be on someone’s mind
To be the last thing they think about
To make them feel like heaven on earth
I’m not asking to be his prayer
I’m not asking for a gap that nowadays makes every person that cares about society feel wanted
I’m asking for that raw hardcore love that people experience being in your presence
I’m asking for minds alike to collide
I’m asking for simplicity for clarity for accomplishment
I’m asking for YOU to lead me
Not just besides still water… I’m asking for your hand through it all.
I want the love Abraham, Jacob, Isaac and David knew about
I want to leave the same kind of impact they did
The kind that is written in Bibles
I’m asking for you.


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